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The Bridge of Death

This is one of my favorite scenes in all of moviedom.  It’s silliness is beyond measure and that is what I love.  Its classic, silly, and ridiculous all at the same time.  It brilliant.  But its also deep. It might not seem that way upon the first viewing, but I think there is something here that comes to bear on the human experience.  We have all had or will have tough bridges over huge scary chasms that we must cross on life’s Journey.  Sometimes we face those bridges with uncommon courage and valor.  Other times fear overwhelms us and we never make it across.  In fact fear grips us so tightly that at times we would rather die than make it across that bridge. We have all been standing at the edge of the bridge and had to make a choice. Move forward…or turn around and go back.  What bridge has God asked you to cross today? How have you responded?

If you want to hear more about bridge crossing, come to the C&MA church in Morgantown this Sunday at 6pm.

Summer Newsletter 2011

A major campus landmark, Woodburn Hall was bui...

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Hey everyone. Here is a copy of our summer newsletter for our ministry at the Christian and Missionary Alliance Church in Morgantown to students on WVU’s campus.

So far our summer has been very busy.  Our family has found a new place to live in Morgantown.    We are so excited about the potential in this place for ministry.  A ministry of hospitality has been a dream for Jessica and I and we are blessed to have a place to open up to college students.  The kids love their new room and have taken full advantage of the back yard.  The student’s have also taken full advantage of the back yard through s’mores over the fire pit and late night talks on the back porch about what it means to give every square inch of your life over to Jesus.  We have been blessed by God’s provision.

This summer we have moved our traditional Wednesday night study to a Sunday evening student led prayer time.  In an effort to provide a place for students to develop leadership skills within the context of the church, we have provided them with an opportunity to meet together to praise, study, and pray.  We have students who are home from college and a large number of students who already reside in Morgantown. It’s been a great time of worship, fellowship, and vibrant Christ centered community.

We have a number of very exciting things coming up this fall.  Our new website is up and running at www.c2wvu.org and I would encourage you to check it out.  Our fall retreat is coming up on September 16th -18th.  College Church will also be traveling to serve the Greater Pittsburgh Food Bank September 10th.  We would appreciate your prayers for these endeavors.  I thank you so much for your prayer support and for your financial contributions without which we couldn’t do this ministry. To God be the Glory!

If you would like to financially partner with our ministry, here are a couple of ways that you could do that.

• Make checks payable to CCO, with my name (Jeremy Andrews) on the memo line, and mail to CCO, 5912 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15206.

•Or give online:( make sure you find and click on my name Jeremy Andrews when you get to the donate section)

Your contribution is tax deductible.

I thank you for all your prayers for our ministry and ask that you would prayerfully consider making a financial contribution to our ministry.

Campus Ministry Part 2 – Prayer

The first principle is prayer.  Paul states in Colossians 4:2, Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful.” Prayer was an essential part of Paul’s ministry as we see in book of Acts, and in the letters he authored, we see his commitment to be in prayer for others.  Here are just a few examples of his commitment to prayer:

  Acts 20:36 NIV

“When Paul had finished speaking, he knelt down with all of them and prayed.”


  Philippians 1:4 NIV

“In all my prayers for all of you, I always pray with joy”


  Colossians 4:4 NIV

Pray that I may proclaim it clearly, as I should.


In all sorts of different situations and circumstances Paul found it important to be in prayer with


and for others.  In fact he reminds us in his first letter to the church at Thessalonica that we should “pray continually”[1]. As a missionary, Paul understood the value and importance of prayer.  To be a minister on a college campus is a great deal like being a missionary.  A missionary generally goes into a foreign culture to share the Gospel.  In many ways that is what happens in campus ministry.  The university setting is unique in and of itself and each university has its own unique individualized culture.    A campus minister must learn the culture of the campus as any missionary in the mission field would and figure out how best to share the Gospel with those people who are native to that environment.  College ministry is truly a missional endeavor.  The great missionary Paul was committed to prayer and we need to follow in his example of prayer if those of us who work with students are going to have success in disciple making.

If we believe that prayer makes a difference, that it changes things, then Paul’s words to the Thessalonians should be adhered to without abandon.  Martin Luther King Jr. also  reminds us of how we should think about prayer when he said, “To be a Christian without prayer is no more possible than to be alive without breathing.”[2] We should pray as often as we can for campuses, students, faculty, staff, and other ministers as if it is as important to us our next breath.  We must pray for the Christian to hold fast to their faith in an arena were temptation is never far away.  Prayers should be said for the non-Christian to find the good news of Jesus Christ.  It should be prayed for that faculty and staff would make decisions that will help affect students in positive ways.  Campus Ministers should pray for one another out of a spirit of cooperation and unity.  After all, it is more important that disciples are made, not that one program or organization has more students than another.  The prayer request list could go on and on, but I think the point is made.  Prayer is essential to campus transformation.  It should always be our first movement in any circumstance.

This is how a commitment to prayer might work itself out on a campus.  On any given campus there is typically a number of campus ministries at work. Organize a weekly prayer meeting between campus ministers.  Be in prayer for all of the things listed above, but because we are specifically addressing discipleship, agree to spend significant time praying for clarity about how God wants to make disciples on that campus.  Pray that God would raise up disciples who would be willing to disciple others.  Pray for discernment about how principles of discipleship might work themselves out on that particular campus.  A meeting like this serves to help show students that as ministers we are much more interested in being united in sharing the Gospel than we are in being separated by organizational lines or theological differences.  It also demonstrates our commitment to prayer as an effective and useful tool in personal and communal transformation. I recognize that not every campus is going to have multiple ministries.  This is where context comes into play.  In a case like this, perhaps you can find other churches or ministers in your community who may not be on the frontlines of campus ministry, but who never the less have a concern for college students and would be willing to partner with you in prayer for them.

[1] 1 Thessalonians 5:17 NIV 2010

[2] Martin Luther King. (n.d.). Great-Quotes.com. Retrieved December 20, 2010, from Great-Quotes.com Web site:


Well, Its just about time for students to come back to WVU and for C2 (college church) to kick things off again. I wanted to take a few minutes and let you all know some important information about things  what will be happening as we gear up for the new semester.


August 22nd — Welcome back Picnic at the C&MA church @ 6pm…bring lots of freinds

August 27th — Leadership team meeting at the Hawkins @ 6pm

August 29th — First C2 worship service of the year.

Web Pages:




You can now follow C2 on Twitter at c2wvu

As you begin your new school year, meditate on these verses from Luke 1:78-79:

“Through the heartfelt mercies of our God,
God’s Sunrise will break in upon us,
Shining on those in the darkness,
those sitting in the shadow of death,
Then showing us the way, one foot at a time,
down the path of peace.” (The Message)

Reflection on The True Story of The Whole World…

Craig Bartholomew and Michael Goheen assert some meaningful themes in their book.  Their focus on story, specifically the story of the whole of history, and our place within that story has far reaching implications for our lives. I also found the thread woven throughout the text regarding our potential as created beings to be a refreshing reminder that a cynical view of humanity (which I am often guilty of) isn’t what God has in mind.  The overall thrust of the book is in sync with the creation, fall, redemption, consummation worldview.  While the wording is certainly a little different, the authors seem to affirm that this is indeed the proper perspective to have about the story of creation.

There wasn’t a great deal of new information for me in this text, however, I did find that the telling of the story of from the beginning to the inevitable “Return of the King” to be a great refresher on the overarching narrative told to us in the Bible.  The Old Testament portions within the text were a great summation of God’s faithfulness to Israel and the world.  I was also appreciative of the questions that followed the close of each chapter. They were challenging to think about and useful in meditation as I thought about my own place in the Creation narrative .  I was personally challenged to think harder about my place in the story and about what I am doing to help others discover their place in the story.  More specifically, I was reminded of God’s patience and longsuffering in Act 3 as the authors spoke about the prophetic role Israel’s prophets. What an Awesome and patient God we serve. Also on a more personal note, I found the discussion about story and narrative to be reminiscent of some of Stanley Hauerwas’ essays regarding narrative as a connecting point to our church communities.  It is very cool to see seemingly separate life experience tie together to teach something about God.

I think the most influential aspect of this book on my future role as campus ministry will be the running theme of potential in the creation.  This theme is a clear call to see the potential in each and every student regardless of background, ethnicity, class, religion, etc.  Because we are all created in God’s image, we are special and valuable to Him.  It is for that very reason that each student (and truthfully every person) has value and potential.  The truth of this idea then, points to the fact that each student is worthy of our relational investment in their lives.  Furthermore, I think one of the primary roles of campus ministry is to help each student develop their God given potential to be who He has created each student to be.  In that process, we help contribute to each student finding their place in God’s story of His creation.

I could also see using this book with college students as a tool for a basic survey of the Bible, especially for those with limited or no Biblical knowledge.  It is a great introduction to some of the major players in scripture and more importantly it points to what God is up to in the individual lives of each person as well as God at work in all of human history.  It is far from exhaustive, but it is a great place to begin to actively engage students to live life with a Biblical worldview and to get excited about the coming consummation and the return of our king.  I could definitely see offering this book out as a tool to the students on WVU’s campus in the hope that they will begin to or continue on their path of discovery to find their place in God’s narrative.

Support Raising…

Dear Faithful Readers,

I remember kneeling at an altar almost eighteen years ago and giving my life to following Jesus.  Ever since that moment, I knew that God had placed a call on my life to the ministry.  Over the last eighteen years I have followed God’s leading to work in different ministries and to serve several congregations as pastor. Once again, God is calling my family and me to a new ministry, with the CCO, where I will be able to use my gifts and talents to minister to college students.

The CCO (Coalition for Christian Outreach) is a campus ministry organization that seeks to “Transform College Students to Transform the World.”  They are committed to helping students understand who Christ is, and how they can develop a Christian worldview.  I have the joy and challenge of working with the CCO on the campus of West Virginia University in Morgantown, WV.

As part of my work, I will be The Christian and Missionary Alliance Church of Morgantown’s Director of College Church.   College Church ministers to the students on WVU’s campus as any church would, holding weekly services and doing outreach on the campus.  Because of this congregation’s commitment to reaching students, they are providing a portion of funding for this ministry and will “send” me as a missionary to WVU.

I trust God to provide many other people who will be a support team for me – praying for me and for this ministry, as well as investing in the lives of students. It’s humbling but comforting to rely on God for every aspect of one’s ministry, so I step out in faith as I depend on God to provide the remaining $2,023.83 each month to reach students with the Good News of Jesus Christ.  Will you consider investing with me in this ministry to students?

One thing that I’ve come to know for certain is that ministry is not successful when it is attempted alone, so I’m excited to see how God will use us in the lives of others, as well as how He will work in us. I can’t imagine going any other place than where God has called me.

If you share my excitement about reaching college students, perhaps you will support this ministry as we move ahead.  If you are willing to support me in this ministry, please go to ccojubilee.org to make your contribution. Look for the donate tab at the top of the page and find out to give (don’t forget to use my name). If you have any questions about this ministry or how to donate, I would love to speak with you.  Feel free to leave a comment or send me an email.

Grace and Peace,