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Praying for WVU

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One of the primary ways that Christians exercise and grow there faith is through prayer.  I believe followers of Christ should be praying for those in their community and a large part of the Morgantown community is West Virginia University. There are a variety of different needs on and off campus related to WVU  so I started a group  facecbook page for those who would like to pray for WVU aptly titled Praying for WVU.  The goal is to provide a place where people who are concerned about WVU a place to list prayer requests that others can pray for.  The other part of the group is that we request all members take a few minutes at 11:15 every Wednesday to lift the students, the faculty, the staff, the campus, and community to God in prayer. Its also a place where people can testify about answered prayer as well. Please click on the link and check us out.  Invite others to pray.  I don’t ever do this, but please share this blog post with others in any way that you can to get as many people praying as we can. Prayer can and will make a difference.  Join together with us as we pray.

Summer Newsletter 2011

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Hey everyone. Here is a copy of our summer newsletter for our ministry at the Christian and Missionary Alliance Church in Morgantown to students on WVU’s campus.

So far our summer has been very busy.  Our family has found a new place to live in Morgantown.    We are so excited about the potential in this place for ministry.  A ministry of hospitality has been a dream for Jessica and I and we are blessed to have a place to open up to college students.  The kids love their new room and have taken full advantage of the back yard.  The student’s have also taken full advantage of the back yard through s’mores over the fire pit and late night talks on the back porch about what it means to give every square inch of your life over to Jesus.  We have been blessed by God’s provision.

This summer we have moved our traditional Wednesday night study to a Sunday evening student led prayer time.  In an effort to provide a place for students to develop leadership skills within the context of the church, we have provided them with an opportunity to meet together to praise, study, and pray.  We have students who are home from college and a large number of students who already reside in Morgantown. It’s been a great time of worship, fellowship, and vibrant Christ centered community.

We have a number of very exciting things coming up this fall.  Our new website is up and running at www.c2wvu.org and I would encourage you to check it out.  Our fall retreat is coming up on September 16th -18th.  College Church will also be traveling to serve the Greater Pittsburgh Food Bank September 10th.  We would appreciate your prayers for these endeavors.  I thank you so much for your prayer support and for your financial contributions without which we couldn’t do this ministry. To God be the Glory!

If you would like to financially partner with our ministry, here are a couple of ways that you could do that.

• Make checks payable to CCO, with my name (Jeremy Andrews) on the memo line, and mail to CCO, 5912 Penn Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15206.

•Or give online:( make sure you find and click on my name Jeremy Andrews when you get to the donate section)

Your contribution is tax deductible.

I thank you for all your prayers for our ministry and ask that you would prayerfully consider making a financial contribution to our ministry.