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How the Empire Strikes Back Should Have Ended

From the good folks at http://www.howitshouldhaveended.com/

Old Spice Guy…

found this to be pretty funny:

How Predator Should Have Ended…

More fun from the folks at How it Should Have Ended

Looking for some inspiration?

If you are looking for some inspiration this morning along with a bit of a chuckle mixed in with some nostalgia, check out this video from http://www.matthewbelinkie.com.

I hope this gets your day started off right.

Here is another video from How it Should Have Ended…

Here is another video from the folks at How It Should Have Ended.


How it should have ended…

I found these videos on youtube that rewrite movie endings in animated shorts.  They are great for a laugh especially if you are a movie buff.  I attached one of the videos that  I found to be hilarious.

I also attached a link to their website over in my blogroll so check it out.