College Church Fall 2011 Kickoff

The WVU School year will beginning in the next couple of weeks and that means College Church is starting back up too.  If you are a student at WVU and are looking for a church community, come and check us out. Our official kickoff for the fall looks like this:

Date: August 21st
Time: 6:00 pm
Place: Christian & Missionary Alliance Church of Morgantown
Event: Welcome back picnic. There will be free food, and fellowship. There will be games of the outdoor (Kickball, volleyball, etc) and board variety. It shall be an event of epic awesomeness. The shear magnitude of this will be unmeasurable.
What Should you do? : Bring lots of friends. Seriously…invite a lot people.

Our first service will be held August 28th at the C&MA Church in Morgantown at 6pm.  Free dinner after the service.

And don’t forget our fall retreat occurring September 16th-18th at Canaan Valley. The cost is $20 unless you are a freshman then its $15.  Scholarships are available so please don’t let money be a factor for you.  Its a great opportunity to meet new people.

On September 10th, a group from College Church will be going up to the foodbank in Pittsburgh to help out.

Keep all these dates on your calendar.  For more information check out:


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